Hydro-Stop PVC Waterstop — A range of extruded PVC waterstops for concrete joints.

CJ Form-Tie Waterstop — A unique range of hydrophilic rubber sealing compounds, available as Form-Tie Plugs and Form-Tie Rings.

Hydrotite — A range of co-extruded hydrophilic rubber profiles for concrete joints.

Ultra Swell — Hydrophilic butyl polymer / bentonite material for non-movement joints.

Leakmaster — A gun applied hydrophilic urethane water swelling sealant / adhesive.


Azcoflex — A range of 100% acrylic high build wall and roof membrane coatings.

Crystoseal — A single component cement based waterproofing slurry which provides protection to either side of the structure through it’s crystallisation process.

Permatite — A single component rubber modified bituminous emulsion for non-critical tanking applications, eg planter boxes etc.

Multithane — A single component cross-linking moisture curing polyurethane waterproofing membrane.

Multithane UV — A UV stable version of the Multithane.

Pondseal — A specifically formulated water based latex polymer membrane for ornamental ponds and fountains.


Waterpatch Rapid — A fine filled, rapid setting cementitious mortar for sealing running water leaks.

Vapour Lock — A 2 part water based epoxy for negative moisture proofing situations, eg sealing of green concrete prior to vinyl laying.