Renderprime — General purpose acrylic bonding agent.

Renderprime HB — Acrylic bonding agent for use with high build repair mortars.

Granobond — General purpose PVA bonding agent.

Renderprime S — Polymer emulsion admixture for site mixed repair screeds and mortars.

Resiloc 321 — General purpose liquid 2 part epoxy bond promoter for horizontal surfaces.

Resiloc 621 — General purpose paste 2 part epoxy bond promoter.

Granogrip — Specifically formulated 2 part epoxy bond promoter for vertical applications.


Pavecure A — Waterbased acrylic curing compound to AS 3799.

Pavecure W — Waterbased resin curing compound to AS 3799.

Pavecure P — General purpose waterbased PVA curing compound.

Pavecure BE — Waterbased bitumen emulsion curing compound to AS 3799.

Freecure 30 — Wax based curing compound to AS 3799.

Chlorcure XF — Chlorinated rubber based curing compound.

Vapfix — Evaporation retardant and finishing aid for concrete.


Form Release Oil — Oil based form release agent for timber & steel forms.

Form Release Cream — Mineral oil based, non-sag form release agent.

Bondbreaker B — Bituminous bond breaker for joints in concrete.


Expoz — A surface retarder for exposed aggregate concrete finishes.

Masterfinish 380 (BASF) — A surface retarder for horizontal exposed aggregate concrete finishes.


Renderprime S — Polymer emulsion admixture for renders and screeds.


Silax — A single component general purpose water repellent.

Resigard Primer — A single pack silane / siloxane penetrative sealer to protect concrete and masonry structures against waterborne chloride and sulphate ions.

Resigard Topcoat — Acrylic based protective coating to protect concrete against the harmful effects of carbonation. Used in conjunction with Resigard Primer to provide a total protective system.