Tecgrout Fine — An economical Class A general purpose non-shrink grout, for dry pack or fluid application.

Tecgrout GP — An economical Class A non-shrink grout, specifically for fluid application or pumping.

Tecgrout HS — A high strength Class C grout for critical applications.

Tecgrout HS ULTRA — A very high strength Class C grout for critical applications, with rapid strength gain.

Tecgrout BB — A Cementitious Mortar for Bridge Bearing applications.

Tecgrout HF — A high performance fluid Class C grout for precision or critical grouting applications.

Tecgrout C — A non-shrink general purpose Class C type cement based grout.


Anchorloc GG — A convenient twin cartridge, gun applied epoxy paste for use as an anchoring system.

Anchorloc P — A high strength two part epoxy paste for anchoring fixings into concrete or as a general purpose adhesive.

Resigrout I — A two part low viscosity twin cartridge injection system.

Resigrout LV — A two part low viscosity grout for thin sections and/or clearances.

Resigrout S — A high strength fine filled fluid grout for vertical anchoring bolt fixing and base plate support. Suitable for gaps ranging from 5 – 40mm.

Resigrout L — A formulated high strength, fluid epoxy grout for fixing of holding down bolts, base plates, etc. Suitable for gaps ranging from 30 – 70mm.

Resigrout LE — A formulated high strength, low exotherm epoxy grout for large volume grouting, for voids ranging from 50 – 500mm.