Levelflow — A self levelling cement based underlayment for use under carpet or vinyl.

Granotop — A prepacked cementitious topping, specifically formulated for the topping of concrete to provide falls to drains.

Featherpatch — A cementitious finishing underlayment.

Pavepatch — A single component premixed cement based flooring screed for use from 10 – 50mm.

Pavepatch D — Fast setting premixed concrete for pavement repairs from 20 – 200mm thick.

Pavepatch F — Fast setting premixed screed for applications from 10 – 50mm in depth.

Mapecem Quickpatch — Extremely versatile, fast setting material for patching interior or exterior concrete surfaces. Can be applied to a feather edge in ramping or repair applications.

Super Level R30 — Polymer modified self levelling compound for internal and external underlayment applications.

Rapid Patch 40— Fast setting mortar for repair of internal damaged concrete floors, stairs, risers and ramps.


Tecseal WB — Solvent free 2 part epoxy coating for floors and walls. Available in semi gloss clear or grey.

Resiloc HS — A high solids epoxy coating for floors and walls. Available in a range of colours.

Resiloc SL — A self smoothing epoxy floor topping which provides a smooth seamless floor.

Resiloc Binder — A general purpose 2 part epoxy binder for use with selected fillers. Uses include priming and floor repairs.

Resiloc TF — Trowel applied epoxy floor topping for high impact or aggressive chemical environments.

Epigard C — A 2 part epoxy coating providing unique chemical resistance. Ideal for tanks.


Carbgrains — Selected carborundum grains to provide a non-slip finish to concrete surfaces.

Diamond Hard — Dust proofing and surface hardening treatment for concrete, based on a unique blend of siliconate and silicate polymer technology.

Floor Roc S — A specially formulated non-metallic integral floor hardener, which gives a hardened, non-slip floor topping for industrial/commercial applications.

Surface Hard C — A water based chemical floor treatment for dusting floors.

Tecseal A — A solvent based acrylic floor coating for light traffic areas. Available in clear and a range of colours.

Tecseal AC — A water based acrylic concrete sealer for low duty or light traffic areas. Available in clear only.

Tecseal PU — UV stable, high quality clear polyurethane floor coating. Available in high gloss, clear only.


Levelflow Primer — A general purpose acrylic bonding agent and primer for use with Levelflow.

Renderprime — General purpose acrylic bonding agent.


Resiloc Thinners — Xylene solvent for clean up of Resiloc epoxy systems.