Aitken Freeman

Aitken Freeman Pty Ltd, founded in 1994, is a privately owned Australian company based in Springvale, Victoria.

What We Do

Aitken Freeman Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian owned and operated company specialising in support of the construction industry through supply of quality concrete construction, maintenance and repair products.

Based in Springvale Victoria, and through our network of distributors, we pride ourselves on our technical support and service to the industry.

Our range of specialty products includes Adhesives, Concrete Repair, Concrete Treatments, Floor Coatings and Treatments, Grouts & Anchoring, Sealants, Surface Coatings and Waterproofing.

Our Team

Bob Aitken

Managing Director

With over 38 years of experience as in industrial chemist in the construction industry, Bob is a founding partner of Aitken Freeman Pty Ltd, and a respected technical resource to the industry.

Peter Freeman

Managing Director

Joining the business in 2004, Peter has taken over from his father John as a partner in the business, and manages accounts and finance for the company.

Nick Radatti

Sales Representative

As the longest serving member of our sales team, Nick has over 20 years experience in the industry, and is able to provide onsite service and solutions to a wide range of construction projects.

John Tzemis

Sales Representative

John has served over 8 years with Aitken Freeman Pty Ltd as a technical sales representative, and has 12 years experience in the industry. John is able to provide onsite advice and technical support to contractors and builders in a range of applications.

Chris Daley

Sales Representative

Having joined us in 2015, Chris has broad experience within the industry for over 15 years, and has been instrumental in the addition of new products to our range, and development of new business. Chris is able to provide onsite service and solutions to a wide range of construction projects.

Lindsay Davies

Warehouse Manager

If you visit our warehouse sales outlet at Springvale, you’re likely to be greeted by Lindsay, who has expertly managed our logistics and distribution for over 3 years.