Dowsil 888 — (formerly Dow Corning 888) A non sag silicone joint sealant for concrete pavement joints. Low modulus, weather and UV resistant, trafficable and fuel resistant for short term exposures.

Supaseal PU — Low modulus, isocyanate free hybrid polyurethane sealant. Flexible with excellent adhesion to concrete and most common building materials.

Fyrethane — Flexible single component acrylic sealant, fire rated up to 4 hours. Suitable for interior joints with moderate movement.

Tremstop PU — Single component, low modulus, fire rated and acoustic polyurethane sealant.

Tremflex 50 — A low modulus, high movement, easily gunned single component polyurethane joint sealant.

Dymonic 100 — High performance, medium modulus, polyurethane sealant which is UV stable and low VOC. Highly versatile sealant, with excellent performance in moving joints.

Prosil 10 — High quality 100% neutral oxime curing adhesive / sealant. Designed for general purpose glazing, industrial and automotive sealing applications.

Prosil 40 — Premium single part moisture curing 100% calcium carbonate filled neutral cure silicone sealant, for superior adhesion and durability in a wide range of applications.

Silicone RG Trans — Specifically manufactured silicone for use with zincalume, galvabond, marviplate and colourbond surfaces.


Hydrojoint — A urethane modified 2 part epoxy sealant for construction joints. Available in gun grade, or pouring grade made to order.

Tecjoint A6 — A two part rubber modified adhesive / filler for sawn joints.

Re-enterable Sealant — Low viscosity polyurethane encapsulant system.


Self Expanding Cork — Type 3 SEC Resin Bonded Self Expanding Cork in sheets or strips, cut to size

Expansion Joint Filler Boards — Talk to your sales representative about our range!