Class A, Non Shrink Construction Grout

Tecgrout Fine, supplied by Aitken Freeman, is a high strength cementitious grout for use where it essential to eliminate shrinkage when filling a void. This makes it ideal for use in precast erection applications, and a myriad of other general purpose construction grouting operations, including grouting of machinery base plates and column bases, or anchoring bolts and fence posts.

Ease of placement is assured by varying the water content to achieve anything from a dry pack to a fluid, or pumpable, mixed product where required.

As a prepackaged non shrink grout, Tecgrout Fine can overcome problems associated with on site batching, by ensuring a consistent result, and rapid strength development in the product can allow for loading a short while after placement.

Tecgrout Fine is well established as an excellent, economical solution for the construction industry, and is used with confidence on thousands of construction sites around Australia.

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